VM - IL Series | 3-Axis Mills


The IL Series machines have inline spindles, roller guides for rigidity, directcoupled ballscrews for quick response,
and dual wound spindles for faster acceleration/deceleration.

VM-IL series models VM-3018IL VM-4222IL VM-5025IL VM-6030IL  
Table working surface 860x460mm 1,170x560mm 1,370x635mm 1,680x760mm  
X axis working stroke 760mm 1070mm 1,270mm 1,525mm  
Y-axis working stroke 460mm 560mm 635mm 760mm  
Z-axis working stroke 560mm 610mm 610mm 610mm  
Spindle power / torque 18Kw / 115Nm 18Kw / 115Nm 26Kw / 165Nm 26Kw / 165Nm  
Spindle r.p.m. 10,000 rpm
15K rpm option
10,000 rpm
15K rpm option
10,000 rpm
15K rpm option
10,000 rpm
15K rpm option
ATC capacity 30 tools 30 tools 30 tools 30 tools  
Machine weight 4,850 kg 6,700 kg 8,120 kg 9,900 kg  
Machine height and footprint H 3,025 mm H 3,060 mm H 3,100 mm H 3,125 mm  
  L 2,180 mm L 2,800 mm L 3,250 mm L 3,810 mm  
  W 2,685 mm W 2,935 mm W 2,620 mm W 2,920 mm  
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