TRM | Vertical Tool Room Mill



The TRM3016 is a tool room mill that offers large travels, speed and power at a great price. A unique feature of the TRM Series is the “drop down” door openings that allow long part pass through to help accommodate oversize parts.

VM-TRM series models TRM3016        
Table working surface 900x405mm        
X axis working stroke 760mm        
Y-axis working stroke 405mm        
Z-axis working stroke 510mm        
Spindle power / torque 11Kw / 90Nm        
Spindle r.p.m. 8,000 rpm        
ATC capacity 16 tools        
Machine weight 3,130 kg        
Machine height and footprint H 2,565 mm        
  L 2,280 mm        
  W 2,280 mm        
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