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We can't wait to share what we've been working on..


Milltronics is set to unveil three new time-saving software products at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, Illinois from September 10-15, 2018.  These new features include Milltronics  ChipBossTM Control Software, Digital Setup Assistant (DSA) and our new Bi-Directional turning cycle.



ChipBossTM allows conversational program users to take advantage of the latest trochoidal machining strategies, previously found only in CAM systems or high-end controls.  ChipBossTM uses proprietary algorithms to calculate toolpaths and control maximum allowable cutter engagement that can reduce cycle times by as much as 50% percent.

Digital Setup Assistant uses Wi-Fi to make a cell phone or tablet an extension of the user’s control.  This optional software feature allows an operator to reduce setup time by easily accessing photos of parts and workholding, set-up data, tooling info and more.

Bi-Directional Turning Cycle lets conversational program users effectively halve the time it takes to turn parts as it eliminates the need to cut in one direction, rapid back to the start position and then take another pass.  The Bi-Directional cycle allows for “zig-zag” (or bi-directional) turning resulting in significantly shorter cycle times.



Stop by our booth to see the following machines in action!


  • VK4-II CNC knee mill with unique Milltronics MillSlideTM Z-axis
    rigid-head open CNC bed mill
  • VM5020EZ extended nose to table with Milltronics M250 rotary table
  • VM4222IL inline performance vertical
  • VM5025XP #50 taper heavy-duty vertical
  • SL8-II New SL-II Series with IEMCA barfeed
  • ML26 CNC combo lathe


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